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Investing, just got easier.

Pocketstox uses AI to empower the next generation of investors with a fresh approach to stock discovery.
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How does it work?

Generic image showing multiple articles graphic

1. Enter Headline

Paste in an article headline or think up your own hypothetical headline.

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2. Uncover investments

Text vectorization methods generate list of affected companies from headline.

Generic image showing text being treated like numbers in the form of speech

3. Tinker further

Text vectorisation lets you treat text like numbers, use this to update outputs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pocketstox is a research tool that uses AI and gamification elements to help users with sourcing investment ideas. Pocketstox is not a broker.

Pocketstox leverages augmented Large Language Models (LLMs) to determine stocks likely to be most affected by various news articles. This process involves text vectorisation, which means that text can be treated like numbers.

Significant movements in stock prices often follow release of news articles. Pocketstox offers a way to keep on top of the barrage of information available, empowering users to make more informed investment decisions, faster.

All data is currently provided by We are always on the look out for additional data sources to improve user experience.